Is BTS’s Suga A Flat-Earther? A Tag Trending On Twitter During The Group’s Busan Concert Suggested So

Suga tinfoil hat era?

While ARMYs from all over the world tuned in to watch live streams of BTS‘s “Yet To Come In Busan” concert, an unexpected tag started trending on Twitter, claiming that BTS member Suga is a flat-earther.


For those who might not know, a “flat earther” refers to people who believe in the conspiracy theory that planet earth is flat, not spherical. But what could lead someone to believe that Suga was a part of such an absurd belief?

Well, the culprit was his outfit. During the first half of the Busan setlist, Suga wore a t-shirt that said, “The Earth is flat. Didn’t you know?” which prompted the funny-boned ARMYs to Tweet some hilarious takes, eventually landing in the phrase “Yoongi Flat Earther” on the trending list.

| Weverse Live

Though the tag was trended ironically, some fans still wondered why Suga would choose such a T-shirt for his outfit. Turns out, the piece is from the brand Vetement‘s FW22 lookbook. The entire catalog was based on global sub-cultures, dealing with controversial and heated topics such as the flat earth theory, Bitcoin, alien conspiracies, and 5-G. Though the brand doesn’t explicitly support or negate these topics, an ironical undertone in all the designs is evident.

ARMYs feel that Suga chose the t-shirt for its satirical punch, which ended up creating a full-circle moment after BTS took a jab at their words being twisted by the media during the concert. Some also feel that the shirt ended up being complimentary to the controversial event that the concert itself had become over the past few months.


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