BTS’s Suga Once Forgot To Include His Signature Sound On A Song

Thankfully, the artist he was working with decided to remaster it!

It’s common now to hear either a producer tag or a signature sound when listening to music. This is an element or short sound inserted usually at the beginning of a song for an artist to identify themselves.

For example, Canadian record producer Murda Beatz‘s is “Murda on the beat, so it’s not nice”...

A recognizable one in the K-Pop industry would be J.Y. Park (also known as The Asiansoul or JYP) always uses a whisper of “JYP.”

Likewise, ARMYs would recognize that BTS‘s Suga has famously included a whisper of “Suga” in songs he has worked on. Yet, one time, he forgot to include it…

In Episode 5 of Suchwita, Epik High‘s Tablo guested. Although Suga grew up admiring Tablo, the two became friends a few years ago and have since worked together.

Suga (left) and Tablo (right) | BANGTANTV/YouTube

One of the songs they collaborated on was “Eternal Sunshine.”

Tablo had asked Suga to write something similar to BTS’s “Her.” Immediately, Suga got to work, and “Eternal Sunshine” was created quickly.

Back then, I sent you a song by BTS and asked you to write me something like that…

— Tablo


Because Suga and Tablo worked so speedily on the song, Suga forgot to include something. Tablo could detect something was missing…

Then, as soon as I got it, I wrote the melody and sent it back, and then you sent it back to me. You worked so fast… I was so surprised. So, it all happened so fast, you even forgot your signture sound. You forgot to do, ‘SUGA.’

— Tablo


Epik High’s Tukutz also noticed something missed and brought it up to Tablo, who hadn’t realized what it was yet. So, Tukutz explained that Suga had forgotten his signature sound.

I still remember after we were done with the mix and the mastering, I felt that something was missing. So did you, probably. We were thinking, ‘What could it be?’ Then Tukutz said, ‘Yoongi left something out.’ So, I said, ‘A track? An instrument? Is that what he forgot?’ And he said, ‘No… His signature sound at the beginning.’

— Tablo


So, Epik High decided to redo the mastering before “Eternal Sunshine” was officially released so that “Suga” wouldn’t be missing.


Tablo: We did the mastering again. That was so funny.

Suga: You could’ve just said you were done with the mastering, and it was too late…

Now, Epik High always perform “Eternal Sunshine,” and Tablo even whispers “Suga.” Ironically, Suga himself has been cutting back on using his signature sound.


In 2019, Epik High shared that Suga had forgotten to include his signature sound and messaged them about it, afraid that the song was already finished mastering. Knowing it was important to Suga at the time, Epik High re-mastered it.

But he asked, ‘Hyung, I forgot to add that in. What should we do? You already finished mastering it, right’ So, I told him that we did, but then decided to re-master the song after including the part that Suga requested…

— Tablo

Read the full story below.

Epik High Had To Remaster A Song Because Of BTS’s Suga

Watch the full episode below.



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