BTS Suga’s Guitarist Makes The Idol Fall In Laughter After His Unexpected Behavior During The Agust D Concert

Suga’s guitarist is becoming a fan favorite!

BTS‘s Suga surprised fans when an unexpected action from his guitarist made the idol almost fall over in laughter.

BTS’s Suga | @agustd/Instagram

On May 16 (local time), Suga had his next show as part of the Agust D D-Day tour. Unsurprisingly, the idol wowed fans with his unreal talent, charisma, and visuals.

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| @bts_bighit/Twitter
| @bts_bighit/Twitter

Of course, although many ARMYs worldwide couldn’t attend the sold-out show, fans attending made sure to share unmissable moments on social media. It made everyone feel as if they were watching the show and part of the crowd, even if it was just from their phones.

In particular, one person who caught the attention of fans was Suga’s guitarist. Since the tour started, he has earned love from fans for his hilarious behavior during the shows, including joining the “Yoongi, marry me” trend.

Well, it seems like he is back again and being equally as iconic. During their recent show in Oakland, he was showcasing his unreal skills as always. When the camera moved to him, and his face appeared on the big screen, ARMYs couldn’t stop laughing.

As he continued to shred the guitar, he held up what looked like a tablet with a picture of Suga on it.

Upon seeing the picture, Suga couldn’t stop himself from laughing as a fan panned from Suga to the guitarist and back to the idol to showcase the full impact of his actions.

| @emilyxinfinity/Twitter 

From far away, the reaction was even better as Suga almost fell over in fits of laughter from what he had just seen.

| @borahaRMy_/Twitter 

It is always great to see how much BTS interact with the people around them and the guitarist has had both Suga and ARMYs smiling with his unexpected behavior during the shows.

You can read more about Suga’s guitarist below.

BTS Suga’s Guitarist Brings Back “Yoongi, Marry Me” At Agust D Concert


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