BTS Suga’s Guitarist Brings Back “Yoongi, Marry Me” At Agust D Concert

Is the meme here to stay?

“Yoongi, marry me” was once considered an iconic meme and reoccurring joke in the K-Pop community, particularly the BTS fandom, ARMY.

While some might think it started with the BTS members reading marriage proposals directed toward Suga during live broadcasts…

Others think that the joke originated with Suga himself.

Regardless of its origin, it became an instant viral sensation that spread outside the internet. One would often spot “Yoongi, marry me” signs at sporting events, concerts, etc.

Some ARMYs would even comment, “Yoongi, marry me,” during live broadcasts whether or not Suga was present. It appeared the BTS members were in on the joke, too, as they often read it anyway.

But ARMYs have been suspicious that such comments have now annoyed the BTS members as both RM and V called out commenters during their live broadcasts. Likewise, Jungkook chose to refrain from reading comments during a live broadcast.

So, ARMYs have discouraged fellow ARMYs from commenting, “Yoongi, marry me.” Some even went so far as to report these comments during live broadcasts.

Similarly, many ARMYs have encouraged the fandom to refrain from using “Yoongi, marry me” signs during Suga’s Agust D “D-DAY” TOUR IN THE US. 

Still, many ARMYs had already planned on wedding dress attire along with “Yoongi, marry me” signs. Well, these ARMYs are not the only ones.

At Suga’s recent concert at Kia Forum in Los Angeles, California, on May 11, one of the band members got in on it too. The guitarist held up a mobile phone, reading “Yoongi Marry Me.”

The video clips of the moment as well as photos, instantly went viral. He proved “Yoongi, marry me” is here to stay!

The band has stolen ARMYs’ hearts during the tour. We might even let the guitarist cut in line!

Suga’s response was even cuter! He couldn’t help but laugh when he saw the guitarist’s phone message.

After the concert, the guitarist clarified his relationship status. Read more below.

BTS Suga’s Guitarist Clarifies His Relationship Status After “Proposing”

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