BTS’s Suga Might Have Actually Been The One Who Originated “Yoongi, Marry Me?”

He started it all?!

“Yoongi, marry me” has become an iconic meme and reoccurring joke in the BTS fandom, so much, so all the members point it out now.

“Yoongi, marry me” first seemed to appear as a reoccurring comment posted by ARMYs during BTS’s live broadcasts…

From left: BTS’s RM, Jungkook, J-Hope, V, Jin, Jimin, and Suga | BTS/VLIVE

It became so common that it would be posted even on individual members’ live broadcasts, even if Suga was not around.

“Yoongi, marry me” can now be spotted everywhere. From airports

…BTS concerts

award shows

fashion shows

…and even NBA games.

Yet, Suga might be responsible for this recurring proposal.

| @nsrjkv_/Twitter

While other members have turned down fans’ proposals, in 2018, Suga replied to an ARMY’s proposal by encouraging them to “bring the documents.” Later, they brought a marriage certificate to a fanmeeting.

Besides that, in Episode 52 of Run BTS!, Suga read, “would you marry me?” The members were in an escape room, and on a wall were flower garlands with English sentences, including “Ring,” “ladies and gentlemen,” and “would you marry me?”


“Yoongi marry me” – an endless saga. #yoongi #suga

♬ original sound – Ay 🌙

So, Suga might have low-key started the marriage proposal trend. Read more below.

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