BTS Suga’s Iconic ”Yoongi, Marry Me” Meme Makes The Most Unexpected Appearance At The 2022 MAMA Awards

Suga wasn’t even at the event! 😂

One of the current running jokes in the BTS fandom that even the group has gotten involved in is “Yoongi, Marry Me.” While it began as purely fans wanting to marry Suga, it has now turned into a meme that will probably never go away.

BTS’s Suga | @agustd/Instagram

It seems like the members of BTS can’t get away from the phrase, whether it’s their live broadcasts



Or even at the airport, Suga cannot get away from ARMY wanting to marry him.

The epic phrase even made it to the recent 2022 MAMA Awards, which Suga didn’t even attend.

On November 30, Mnet held the second day of their event, and it was attended by a huge number of stars, including BTS’s J-Hope. The idol wowed from the minute he stepped onto the red carpet.

BTS’s J-Hope at the 2022 MAMA Awards

Along with his stunning look, the idol gained attention for his amazing 3-song performance, with the tracks “MORE,” “Arson,” and “FUTURE.”

He also went up stage multiple times to receive awards and particularly gained a lot of love after winning an award as a soloist for “The Most Popular Male Artist.”

As expected, the crowd went absolutely crazy as J-Hope went up and received his award, thanking ARMYs and his members and looking extra sexy in his outfit.

Of course, despite the many flaws in the camerawork at the event, Mnet chose to show the crowd at a perfect moment.

During the speech, when the camera was filming the crowd, there was a fan in the crowd with an innovative sign. As the camera focused on her and the fans with banners in that area, the sign said, “Hoseok-ah, be happy.”

But the ARMY quickly turned the banner, and it then said, “Yoongi, marry me.”

When the videos were shared online, ARMYs couldn’t get over the fact that the inside joke was now truly global and making its way to huge K-Pop events. They also loved the fact that Suga wasn’t even there and would’ve loved to see his reaction to the sign.

If that wasn’t enough, when J-Hope did a special live broadcast after the event, it appeared in the comments with the idol explaining, “‘Yoongi, marry me.’ Yoongi hyung’s talk is appearing even here.”

| BTS/Weverse

It seems like “Yoongi, marry me” will follow the BTS members everywhere, and there’s no escaping ARMYs love for Suga and their desire to marry him.

You can read more about the iconic joke below.

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