BTS’s Jungkook Has The Funniest Reaction To A “Yoongi, Marry Me” Comment On His Live Broadcast

Suga can’t escape marriage proposals or “That That!”

There is an ongoing joke in every K-Pop fandom that everyone, including the artists themselves, is in on. When it comes to BTS and ARMY, one line will never go away and has become a staple of everyone’s life, and it’s none other than the words, “Yoongi, marry me,” and it’s all because people want to marry Suga.

BTS’s Suga | @bts_twt/Twitter

Whether it’s on a live broadcast



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Or even at the airport, Suga cannot get away from ARMY wanting to marry him.

Well, it seems as if it isn’t just Suga it’s haunting, and even the members can’t escape “Yoongi, marry me.”

On June 7 (KST), ARMY couldn’t believe their luck when Jungkook surprised them with a live broadcast. If it was exciting enough, the group’s youngest member was outside camping, and the environment with the rain and the fire was the perfect place to have a catch-up ahead of their comeback.

BTS’s Jungkook on live broadcast | BTS/VLIVE 

As well as gushing about V‘s visuals and chatting about everything and anything, it seems like the topic of Suga is too hard to miss.

In the comments, Jungkook must’ve seen someone write, “Yoongi, marry me.” Instead of just forgetting about it and carrying on, the group’s youngest member obviously acknowledged it, adding, “Ah Yoongi marry me is here.


If that wasn’t enough, Jungkook had the best reaction after reading the comment. Instead of replying to it with words, the idol suddenly started singing the song “That That,” which is a collaboration Suga did with PSY.


Even throughout the broadcast, Jungkook couldn’t stop dancing along to the track and praising Suga for his work on the song, even if he wasn’t even meant to be rapping on it, never mind learning choreography.



What made Jungkook’s response even funnier is the fact that when the song came out, Suga revealed that the youngest member had the best reaction to the track.

In particular, Jungkook seemed to have the most fun when imitating Suga’s part in the music video.

Jeon Jungkook, for a few days, whenever he sees me, he goes ‘야 내가’ [the start of his rap] and then [shows the first dance move from the ‘That That’ chorus] dances around like this.

— Suga

BTS’s Suga on live broadcast after “That That” was released | BTS/VLIVE 

It doesn’t seem as if BTS will ever really get away from “Yoongi, marry me” and their reactions to the comments will never get old. You can read more about “Yoongi, marry me” taking over the world below.

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