BTS’s Suga Can’t Escape The “Yoongi, Marry Me” Meme — Even At A Basketball Game

You can’t blame them for trying…

Although it isn’t odd for idols to get marriage proposals, one person who seemingly gets them more than anyone else is BTS‘s Suga. Since debuting, it seems like Suga has been inundated with marriage proposals from fans.

BTS’s Suga | @agustd/Instagram

Of course, when someone mentions Suga and marriage proposals, “Yoongi, marry me” is the first thing everyone thinks about. It seems like the members of BTS can’t get away from the phrase, whether it’s their live broadcasts…



Or many more random places, it seems like nobody will miss a chance to ask Suga to marry them. Well, it seems like Suga can’t escape the proposals… even at a basketball game.

On January 12 (local time), Suga attended an NBA basketball game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Mavericks.

Unsurprisingly, Suga captured the attention of fans at the event for his dazzling visuals and effortless charisma. Even when he was just sitting watching the game, it looked like he was the main character of a movie.

| @NBA_Philippines/Twitter
| @NBA_Philippines/Twitter

He even gained attention for his reactions to things in the match, whether it was a little boy dancing to “MIC Drop” or the cheerleaders during the game.

One particular moment has gone viral… but it’s all because of a fan.

During basketball games, it is common for fans to appear on the giant screen above the court. As expected, it was no different during this match as the camera panned across the crowds and captured those watching the game, just like Suga.

| @monikooka/Twitter 

As it reached one part of the crowd, ARMYs couldn’t stop laughing as they saw a fan with a sign saying, “Yoongi, marry me.”

| @monikooka/Twitter

Zoomed in, the sign might not have been the most intricate, but the bold message definitely captured the attention of fans…

Even if it was shown at the exact minute that Suga was looking away from the screen.

| @telepathyksj/Twitter 

When the images and videos were posted online, ARMYs couldn’t get over the fact that the iconic meme had made it all way to a basketball game in America.

It seems like no matter where Suga is, he will never escape “Yoongi, marry me.” Hopefully, next time, ARMYs will be able to see Suga’s reaction because millions of fans will definitely want to propose to Suga.

You can read more about Suga’s appearance at the game below.

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