BTS’s Suga Has The Best Reaction To A Kid Dancing To “MIC Drop” At NBA Game

It’s so endearing!

BTS‘s Suga was invited by the NBA (National Basketball Association) once again to attend a game. Previously, he traveled to Japan for the Golden States Warriors match against the Washington Wizards at the NBA Japan Games.

This week, Suga went to Los Angeles, California. He attended the match between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Dallas Mavericks on Thursday.

As always, Suga showed up, looking effortlessly handsome. He steals the show wherever he goes.

Since it was announced that Suga would be attending the game, ARMYs showed up too. So, of course, there was a “Yoongi, marry me” sign in the audience.

BTS music also played throughout the night. So, Suga was vibing to some of his group’s songs.

One of the songs played was BTS and Steve Aoki‘s “MIC Drop,” which is actually a song commonly heard at basketball games even when Suga is not attending. While the song played, a little boy appeared on the jumbotron, dancing.

Suga’s reaction couldn’t get any cuter! As soon as the boy appeared on the screen dancing to “MIC Drop,” a smile appeared on his face.

The whole thing was so endearing!

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