Golden State Warriors’ Jordan Poole Proudly Shows Off His Autographed BTS Album From Suga

He’s such a fanboy!

Golden State Warriors player Jordan Poole is definitely a member of the BTS ARMY!

Jordan Poole | San Francisco Chronicle

BTS’s Suga | @NBAKICKS/Twitter

Earlier this week, BTS’s Suga traveled to Japan ahead of Golden States Warriors match against the Washington Wizards at the NBA Japan Games.

The NBA’s Golden States Warriors has become a fan club of K-Pop idols, including NCT‘s Chenle, Mark, and Yuta and, of course, GOT7‘s BamBam, the team’s global ambassador. And, we can understand why as clearly, the players themselves are fans.

The day before the Warriors’ first game, Suga met with players Stephen Curry (also known as Steph Curry), Andre IguodalaKlay Thompson, Draymond Green, etc.

During his meeting with Steph, another player was eager to get his chance to speak to Suga.

Jordan Poole interrupted to say hi to Suga. Steph kindly inserted his teammate into the conversation, suggesting they have a dance battle!

Later, Poole revealed that he, too, received an “amazing present” from Suga. He excitedly told the cameras about it.

Got an amazing present from Suga. Gotta put that out there.

— Jordan Poole

After the game, Poole even brought the gift with him to the press conference! He proudly displayed his autographed copy of BTS’s Proof album gifted to him by Suga, along with the bag he brought it in. It was there the entire time he spoke to the press.

Suga wrote, “To JP, looking forward to our dance battle!” How cute are they?!


Even when Poole left, he picked up his gift with a smile and still held it in a way that all the cameras could get a good look at it. He’s such a proud fanboy.

ARMYs are loving this iconic moment, courtesy of Poole. He couldn’t be more relatable.

And, of course, Poole received the borahaefication treatment. All the edits and memes are coming…

Check out more wholesome interactions between Suga and the Warriors below.

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