“Yoongi, Marry Me?” — BTS’s Suga Might Have Just Revealed The Way To His Heart

Could we finally know what Suga wants!

Idols are used to getting marriage proposals from fans who want to show their love.

However, one person who seemingly gets a lot more than anyone in the industry is BTS‘s Suga. It’s become so popular that the phrase “Yoongi, marry me” has even become a well-known meme amongst BTS and ARMYs.

BTS’s Suga | @agustd/Instagram

Whether it’s during live broadcasts, concerts, and even a basketball game, Suga can never escape marriage proposals.


Well, it seems like one fan pointed out that Suga might have shared the key to having him finally accept marriage proposals.

Recently, Suga released his latest episode of Suchwita and was joined by BIGBANG‘s Taeyang.

BTS’s Suga (left) and BIGBANG’s Taeyang (right) | @bts_bighit/Twitter

As expected, the video was truly wholesome as Suga showcased his love and respect for his senior artist. They also spoke about fellow BTS member Jimin, who recently collaborated with Taeyang on the track “VIBE.”

During the episode, Taeyang actually revealed that he wanted to invite both Suga and Jimin over to his house.

In particular, Taeyang explained how much he knows Jimin likes the Korean food kimchi jjigae, and that he actually wanted to make it for the BTS member.

When Taeyang said this, Suga had the funniest reaction when he added, “If someone made kimchi jjigae for me… I can’t even imagine.” It makes it seem like maybe that could be the way to Suga’s heart, and it’s through kimchi.

When the video was posted, one particular ARMY had that exact idea believing that Suga might have finally revealed the way to avoid marriage proposal rejections.

In the comments, netizens couldn’t hide their excitement about the possibility of Suga opening his heart for kimchi. Many also joked that he should’ve told them earlier so that they could’ve directly found the way to his heart.

Although “Yoongi, marry me” is an ongoing joke, netizens have always revealed how loving and open-minded Suga is.

A fan who once asked Suga to marry them during a broadcast attended a fansign event. She handed him a “fan-made marriage certificate” to tease and make him recall his own joke to “bring the document.” Yet, rather than ignore it, Suga drew a little heart as a sign of acceptance beside his printed birthdate on the paper.

Despite seeming quieter than the other members, Suga has a huge heart and isn’t afraid to share his feelings and emotions in videos. Whether the key to his heart is through food or other means, Suga deserves all the happiness with his future partner.

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