Jeon Somi Reveals Who Her Ideal Type Is

He’s a literal superhero!

Soloist Jeon Somi recently revealed during a live broadcast that she is single.

So, when she guested on Psick Show, the hosts inquired about her ideal type. What kind of guy is she looking for?

| Psick Univ/YouTube

Somi surprisingly said the “god of thunder,” Thor! Lee Yong Joo interpreted this as Somi talking about Chris Hemsworth.

Psick Univ/YouTube

Jeon Somi: My type? Very manly… like Thor.

Lee Yong Joo: Oh! Chris.

While Somi didn’t disagree, she reiterated that it’s Thor she likes. She wants someone very muscular and manly… and that gives her sparks!

Psick Univ/YouTube

Jeon Somi: Chris, yes, but like Thor…

Lee Yong Joo: Somi’s type has the thunder ability.

Chris Hemsworth as Thor | Marvel Studios

Well, there are definitely some contenders in K-Pop we can think of…

MONSTA X’s Shownu
BTOB’s Minhyuk

Who do you think matches Somi’s ideal type?

Watch the full episode below.

Source: Psick Univ

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