Jeon Somi Addresses Her Relationship Status In The Most Honest Way

Somi is so real.

Jeon Somi often has fans LOL-ing with her fun and open personality, a testament to her star power.

Jeon Somi | @somisomi0309/Instagram

From her unexpected and seemingly random activities and collaborations…


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♬ Fast Forward – 전소미


Kimichi Maple Syrup Chopped cheese the OCKY WAY🥪‼️ #ockyway #jeonsomi #somi

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…to her sometimes self-professed “weird” social media posts, like the one about her hot dad, fans often don’t know what to expect from Somi.

| @somisomi0309/Instagram

The gorgeous star has even put other idols on the spot during her YouTube series Yes Or Hot, discussing HyunA’s dating desires on the show.

“It’s Been So Long”: HyunA Wants To Date Again

During a live stream, Somi recently addressed comments about her dating life!

Somi often goes live from the comfort of her home, sometimes with guests like aespa‘s Giselle joining her.

On October 11, this was no different as the star began an Instagram live where she cooked her dinner while chatting with fans. She had fans laughing over her commentary, including calling her noodles “undercooked.”

But what caught the most attention was when a fan asked if she was dating. Somi “LOLs” at the question, saying, “If I was, I wouldn’t be eating undercooked pasta by myself.

Fans found her comment hilarious, loving her honesty and relatability while answering the question.