“It’s Been So Long”: HyunA Wants To Date Again

She wants to be in a relationship.

K-Pop soloist HyunA is single and ready to mingle!


HyunA was the first featured guest on fellow K-Pop soloist Jeon Somi‘s new variety program, Yes Or Hot. The two showcased their friendship while answering each other’s burning questions!

HyunA (left) and Jeon Somi (right) | @somi_official_/Twitter

The two chatted about everything, including flirting and dating. Early in the episode, Somi asked HyunA if she would appear on the popular Korean reality dating show EXchange (also known as Transit Love). For context, in the program, five pairs of exes live together, and as they get to know each other, they can rekindle their past romance or start something new with another contestant. HyunA was previously in a public relationship with DAWN until they amicably split in 2022.

HyunA was open-minded to the idea and later revealed she was ready to start dating again. She rejected Somi, who had been flirting…

TEO 테오/YouTube

Somi also later revealed her flirting technique after the two discussed her celebrity crush.

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Jeon Somi: My technique! Curve the person… and open up just a little! My flirting technique: “I don’t like you.” “What are you doing tomorrow?”

HyunA: Like this?

Jeon Somi: After closing it shut, this much, I just maintain the distance.

HyunA: You’re cute.

HyunA couldn’t remember her own flirting technique, confessing it’s been so long. So, Somi asked her if she wanted to be in another relationship.

TEO 테오/YouTube

HyunA: What was I like? I can’t remember.

Jeon Somi: You?

HyunA: It’s been so long. Around 8 years?

Jeon Somi: Do you want to be in a relationship?

Without hesitation, HyunA replied, “Yes!” So, Somi told viewers to shoot their shot with HyunA through Instagram. She joked that HyunA might have better luck through that than going on a reality dating show like Single’s Inferno. 

TEO 테오/YouTube

HyunA: Yes!

Jeon Somi: In that case, people should go to your Instagram. “You’re so pretty.” “Can I text you?” “I sent you a DM. Please check.”

HyunA: For real.

Jeon Somi: Not bad, huh?

HyunA: It was hilarious.

Jeon Somi: You might have a higher chance through DMs than Single’s Inferno. 

HyunA also addressed deleting her Instagram posts following her breakup with DAWN. Read more below.

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Source: TEO 테오