An Unexpected Love Triangle: HyunA, Jeon Somi, And Han So Hee

Somi attempted to slide into Han So Hee’s DMs.

Actress Han So Hee might unknowingly be in a love triangle!

Han So Hee

K-Pop soloist HyunA was the first featured guest on fellow K-Pop solo artist Jeon Somi‘s new variety program, Yes Or Hot. The two showcased their close friendship while answering each other’s burning questions!

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During the show, Somi flirted with HyunA, who “rejected” her.

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After, HyunA asked Somi if she liked actress Han So Hee. Somi confessed she did, saying she is pretty!

I want to know something. Do you like Han So Hee?

— HyunA

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Somi revealed that she had attempted to slide into Han So Hee’s DMs. Still, she has had no luck.

She’s pretty. I sent her (a DM), ‘I don’t know [if] you’ll read this, but I’m your fan,’ with a heart. Until now, she didn’t read it.

— Jeon Somi

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To Somi’s surprise, HyunA received multiple comments from Han So Hee! HyunA hadn’t known until someone informed her.

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HyunA: I heard she left me a comment.

Jeon Somi: Uh?

HyunA: When?

Jeon Somi: Uh?

HyunA: I also didn’t know.

Somi pouted, realizing Han So Hee was active on Instagram but for her friend, not her. She said she attempted to get the actress’ attention by doing a liking spree. So, HyunA suggested she comment.

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Jeon Somi: Really? Han So Hee left you a comment? She didn’t read my DM yet. I even liked her posts multiple times.

HyunA: You should leave a comment.

Jeon Somi: “Hello. I think you’re really pretty. Could you check your DM?”

HyunA proposed that Han So Hee would likely watch this video. So, Somi used a kawaii phrase.

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HyunA: I think she’ll watch this video.

Jeon Somi: Moe moe, kyun!

HyunA: What if she contacts you after watching this video?

Jeon Somi: I’m having a meal with HyunA right now.

Somi revealed that if Han So Hee contacted her after the video, she would play hard to get. She explained to Hyuna that it was her “flirting technique.”

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HyunA: All of a sudden? You’ll play hard to get?

Jeon Somi: That’s how it should be done!

HyunA: Is that so?

Jeon Somi: My technique! Curve the person… and open up just a little! My flirting technique: “I don’t like you.” “What are you doing tomorrow?”

HyunA: Like this?

Jeon Somi: After closing it shut, this much, I just maintain the distance.

HyunA: You’re cute. What was I like? I can’t remember.

HyunA couldn’t remember her flirting technique, provoking Somi to ask whether she wanted to be in a relationship. Read more below.

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Watch the full episode below.

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