The Ideal Types Of All 7 NCT DREAM Members

Something different catches each member’s eye.

Whether they already have an image of their dream partner or simply have one requirement to capture their heart, here’s the ideal type of all seven NCT DREAM members.

Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Jaemin, Jisung, Haechan, and Chenle.

1. Chenle

Although Chenle hasn’t confirmed he has an ideal type, the idol did share one way to win his heart. During an episode of It’s Awkward, But It’s Ok, Chenle said, “You can come in [my heart] when you buy me food.

2. Haechan

Two things stand out to Haechan when considering his ideal type. The idol said he likes someone with a lovely singing voice and short hair.

3. Renjun

During a fan signing, Renjun revealed the three most important traits of his ideal type. The singer said he liked someone who’s “always cheerful, healthy, and happy.

4. Jaemin

Like Chenle, Jaemin gave a funny response. When asked about his ideal type during a live broadcast, he said, “NCTzens.

5. Jisung

Like Haechan, Jisung couldn’t leave out music. Through a fan signing and messages with fans, he revealed his ideal type as someone who has a “pretty heart,” knows how to play guitar, and has a nice voice.

| @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

6. Jeno

During a fan signing, Jeno named the two things he valued most for his ideal type. He preferred someone who “laughs well” and can have comfortable conversations with him.

| @leejen_o_423/Instagram

7. Mark

While Mark is the ideal type of many fans, the idol’s own ideal type is still a mystery.

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