NCT Dream Chenle Doesn’t Have An Ideal Type, But Here’s How To Claim His Heart

Chenle revealed the way to his heart, and it’s far from complicated.

The ideal types of the NCT Dream members are a mystery, except for Mark and Haechan who have shared theirs from being in NCT 127. To claim Chenle‘s heart, though, ideal types don’t matter at all.

In the first half of Chenle and Jungwoo‘s series of It’s Awkward, But It’s Ok, the former asked the latter if he wanted to live inside his heart. Playing along, Jungwoo confirmed, “That’s right.

Jungwoo repeated Taeil‘s question of how to make that happen, “How can I get inside your heart?” Chenle thought about it for less than half a minute, “How would you do that?

There was only one way to win Chenle over and claim his heart, “Buy me food. You can come in when you buy me food.

The request was so simple that even Jungwoo was taken aback, “Food… Food…

If anyone wants to have a special place in Chenle’s heart or lay claim to it, it’s way easier than you’d think.

When thinking what Chenle’s ideal type could be, fans couldn’t help joking that it would be none other than his idol Stephen Curry.

See Jungwoo find out the surprisingly easy way for someone to take up residency in Chenle’s heart.

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