BTS ARMY Continue Debating “Proper Fan Etiquette” After Jungkook Stops Reading Comments On His Weverse Live

He is the third member to address fans’ comments.

BTS‘s Jungkook recently held a Weverse live broadcast for fans, where he chatted with fans, listened to music, and even revealed his exclusive noodle sauce recipe.

BTS’s Jungkook | Weverse

But although fans loved the broadcast, many fans are continuing discussing the “proper etiquette” for commenting during BTS’s live broadcasts.

Recently Vcalled out” ARMY for their repetitive comments and questions.

Mostly the comments used to be like, ‘Yoongi, marry me,’ TMI, selca, Have you heard of Mongolia? Can you come to Europe? Do you know Sweden?

— BTS’s V

BTS’s V | Weverse 

And the idol asked fans to come up with “fun questions” for him to answer instead.

Guys, why wouldn’t I know? ARMYs need to think of fun questions.

— BTS’s V

Following V’s broadcast, many fans encouraged others to comment with meaningful questions the next time V held a broadcast.

Some fans even kindly offered to make threads of translated questions international fans could ask.

RM has also addressed ARMYs’ comments recently, acknowledging that “Many people are writing strange things in the chat” and ultimately deciding to stop reading comments during that live broadcast.

BTS’s RM | Weverse 

After RM’s remarks, fans also brought up etiquette, wanting the members to feel comfortable and happy engaging with ARMYs’ comments.

And now, following Jungkook’s live, ARMY are again debating how they should comment on their idol’s broadcasts.

During Jungkook’s live, Jungkook explained that he holds live broadcasts without a specific purpose since he gets “comfort” from spending time with ARMY.

However, like RM, Jungkook eventually became overwhelmed by the comments and stopped reading them altogether.

I think it would be better not to look. Today… The comments are so different… I don’t know what to do… I don’t want to look at comments. I’m not looking at your comments… I don’t see them.

— Jungkook

| Weverse 

Although fans encouraged each other to comment with meaningful words and questions for Jungkook…

Fans pointed out that the comment section was still inundated with disrespectful comments.

And others mentioned how even the deep questions might not have been appropriate since although V was hoping for more meaningful questions, that doesn’t mean Jungkook wanted to have deep conversations, as he’d indicated that he just wanted to spend time with ARMY.

Similarly, Jungkook read aloud one comment asking him about cutting his hair, and while his reply was polite, ARMY were immensely frustrated that the comment crossed fan-artist boundaries.

Fans are frustrated by the “disrespectful” comments, and hoping that all of the comments can start to be more supportive and interesting.

But ultimately are glad that when BTS don’t want to read the comments, they feel comfortable enough to turn them off.

Still, other fans are pointing out that rather than having seen comments he didn’t like, it’s possible Jungkook just wanted to spend time with ARMY and not worry about reading comments.

Notably, with the debate about proper etiquette when interacting with idols, some fans are also raising concerns about Weverse’s upcoming new feature: direct messages with artists.

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