BTS’s Jungkook Shares His Exclusive Noodle Sauce Recipe During Recent Weverse Live

Is there something he can’t do?

On April 24, KST, BTS members and Jungkook surprised ARMYs by attending the premiere of Dream, a new movie starring IU and Park Seo Joon. After the premiere, the BTS maknae unexpectedly started a Weverse livestream at around 5 am KST on April 25.

During the first half an hour or so, Jungkook admitted that he was getting ready to go to bed. But as soon as he said he would wash up and sleep, he started talking about a noodle sauce recipe he has been experimenting with recently.

Previously, the singer shared another experimental instant ramen recipe on Weverse, combining two popular ramen brands, Samyang’s Buldak, and Nongshim’s Noguri. He called the dish “Bulgueri,” and the recipe was such a hit that Nongshim reportedly registered “Bulgueri” for trademarking!

Ramyun Maker Nongshim Files For Copyright Of “Bulgeuri,” A Ramyun Recipe Created By BTS’s Jungkook

During his recent livestream, when he started talking about his new recipe, Jungkook was fighting the urge to make some for himself and share it with ARMYs as well. After a few minutes of debating, he started whipping ingredients and boiling buckwheat noodles on the stove.

He put one ingredient after another into the bowl, mixing them and tasting the result, tweaking it here and there as he felt necessary. But the final version of the noodle sauce followed this recipe:

One tablespoon of Buldak Sauce


One tablespoon of Buldak Mayo


Two tablespoons of Cham Sauce


Four tablespoons of Perilla Oil

One egg yolk

After mixing the ingredients, Jungkook did say that the sauce might need some garlic and chili powder, but he didn’t have any at home. Once the noodles were done, he washed them and drained them thoroughly. Then he put around five tablespoons of the sauce, adding two more spoonfuls later on. Finally, he topped the noodles with Kimjaban, or seasoned seaweed flakes, which he emphasized were non-replaceable in the recipe.

Jungkook also recommended using golden perilla oil instead of the dark brown kind since it’s better for health.

After enjoying his bowl of noodles, Jungkook happily ended the livestream, assuring fans that he would be sharing the recipe in a written post on Weverse. And he kept his word only a few minutes later!

Jungkook shared this recipe with fans, hoping it would make them as happy as him while eating it. What a wholesome man!