K-Pop Fans Raise Concerns About Weverse’s New Paid DM Feature

Will it do more harm than good?

Weverse is implementing a new feature, but netizens have concerns.

HYBE‘s social platform Weverse is adding a new paid feature called “Weverse DM” that will allow fans to send direct messages to their favorite K-Pop idols.

Rather than be excited about the new feature, netizens expressed quite the opposite reaction in the comment section. It was filled with negative responses, saying the platform didn’t need Weverse DM.

Weverse users pointed out pre-existing app concerns that have yet to be addressed or fixed. Ever since Weverse added the live broadcast feature, K-Pop fans have expressed dismay over the lack of subtitles and recent bad comments appearing while the artist is live.

Recently, BTS‘s RM and V called out weird, inappropriate, and/or basic comments during their solo live broadcasts.

Likewise, Jungkook decided to no longer look at comments during his recent solo live broadcast at his home.

Similarly, fans are most concerned about how Weverse DM will affect the artists. They believe it will negatively impact idols’ mental health, especially as some non-fans or haters could abuse the feature. So, netizens are suggesting alternatives.

Weverse DM is not an entirely new creation. It’s reminiscent of other paid DM services, such as the Bubble app, that other entertainment companies, such as JYP Entertainment, have used. Recently, STAYs urged the company to take action as it was discovered that presumably akgaes or solo stans had joined together to pay for the service in order to directly send Stray KidsHyunjin hateful messages, including death wishes.

STAYs Urge JYP Entertainment To Protect Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Due To Cyber Attacks

Weverse has attempted to reassure users (and warn them). The platform will utilize AI (Artificial-Intelligence) technology to “automatically check messages” to monitor the content so that an artist will not receive inappropriate or abusive direct messages.

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