Netizens Have Mixed Feelings Regarding Weverse’s Latest Updates

While there were many changes, the app missed users’ requests.

HYBE‘s K-Pop community platform Weverse is continuing to grow, which means more updates. And while it has implemented many changes with its latest update, it missed netizens’ most requested ones.

Weverse logo.

Already, HYBE and live broadcast app VLIVE are merging. Starting July 18, KST following HYBE‘s acquisition of VLIVE. Weverse plans to expand its offered services through the implementation of VLIVE’s features and technology to enhance the fan experience.

Yet, even before then, Weverse has made changes to the app. So, it is encouraged users to update for a better experience.

There are quite a few changes with the recent update. From interface appearance to the ability to upload videos…

Yet, one that has stood out to fans is the automatic translations of idols’ posts.

Previously, it was a reoccurring joke that the automatic translations would be nothing like what the artist intended to say. Instead, it could sound humorous or even scandalous. Or it was just straight-up difficult to understand.

Now, the translations have been improved, and you can see the difference between the old and the new.

Yet, despite all of the changes made, there were a few that netizens wondered why weren’t they made.

Not only is it still complicated to find other users on the app and make connections…

But many are frustrated over the lack of “Dark Mode.”

It’s unanimous that netizens prefer a darker interface.

With our frequent usage of social media these days, it is practically essential to have a “Dark Mode” option that allows you to make interfaces non-white to give your eyes a rest. Still, Weverse has not made this an option, and all users must adapt to the white interface.

Yet, a couple of ARMYs revealed that while on the app, it appeared black even just briefly.

They don’t know if it was a glitch or if Weverse is in the process of adding a “Dark Mode,” after all.

What do you think about Weverse’s updates?