Netizens Shocked By The Dramatic Recent Changes In BTS’s Weverse User Numbers

Things have changed.

BTS uses Weverse to communicate with ARMY, release exclusive content, and build a community for fans. However, a recent post on a Korean forum showcased recent changes in BTS’s Weverse users that left netizens in awe.

By compiling screenshots from various posts, netizens were able to see the timeline of BTS’s Weverse from recent years. By February of 2020, 3.45 million people had joined.

Weverse in February 2020

By May of 2021, the number had tripled to 9.92 million users.

Weverse in May 2021

A year later in July of 2022, that number has continued to grow to 15.6 million users.


Weverse in July 2022

In only two and a half short years, BTS’s numbers had increased from 3 million to 15 million, showcasing their undeniable growth. Netizens praised BTS for their immense popularity.

  • “More than 10 million ARMYs meetㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I think we can build a small country by just gathering BTS fandom”
  • “BTS is the wall”
  • “I signed up in January 2020 and had 2 million users at that timeㅋ”

With new ARMY finding BTS every day, the impressive number will continue to rise throughout the years!

Source: Nate Pann