Weverse And V LIVE To Officially Begin Merger — V LIVE To Be Fully Integrated Into Weverse By End Of 2022

It’s finally coming.

Weverse will finally be fully integrating V LIVE into its platform.

In a statement shared by Weverse to Star News and other media outlets, it has been announced that Weverse will begin gradually integrating V LIVE features into its application starting July 18 KST following HYBE‘s acquisition of V LIVE. Weverse plans to expand their offered services through the implementation of V LIVE’s features and technology to enhance the fan experience.

Current V LIVE users will be able to use V LIVE until the end of the year when the gradual merger is complete and following that, they can continue to experience their fan experience through the New Weverse application, which will bring improved user convenience through upgraded interfaces, functions, and the introduction of Weverse Live, previously V LIVE.

Weverse Live will provide both real time live viewing and reserved viewing, where users can be notified when a live audio of their favorite artist begins. Live broadcasts that are already in progress can be rewinded to view again, and the completed broadcasts can be converted to a VOD to view again.

User experience upgrades include an upgraded interface where the latest content of artists that a user subscribes to can be seen from the home screen and main news can be seen on the top banner. At the top of the community feed, posts created by the artists can be viewed immediately and in the case of a group, all posts from all members can be seen at once. Not only text, but also videos, photos, and gifs can be posted, allowing various forms of communication. Finally, posts can be viewed by selected language, allowing fans of certain countries to communicate with others who speak the same language.

Previously, it was announced that Weverse and V LIVE would be merging, but no timeline was provided by either company.

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Source: Star News