BTS’s Jungkook Responds To Fan’s Request To Cut His Hair

ARMYs are not happy with the situation.

BTS‘s Jungkook recently surprised ARMYs with his appearance at the premiere of the movie Dream with his groupmate V. Among the many things about their attendance that grabbed fans’ attention, Jungkook’s hairstyle became a hot topic almost instantly.

Last week, after the singer was spotted at Coachella, he shared a picture of himself with a new hairstyle on Weverse. In the caption, he wrote that he had cut his bangs to change up his looks and blend in with the crowd at the festival without getting recognized.

But it looks like the mullet-with-bangs hairstyle has only made Jungkook’s handsome face stand out even more, and it stole the show once again at the premiere on April 24, KST.

After the premiere, Jungkook started a Weverse live from his home to spend time with ARMYs. While most fans couldn’t get enough of his new hair, one comment asked him to chop his hair, and the singer happened to notice it. In response, he politely turned down the idea, saying he would do it once he feels satisfied with growing out his length.

Though Jungkook’s reply was polite and poised, ARMYs were not pleased with the situation. Many felt that the comment stepped over the boundaries with the BTS member.

This is, however, not the first time that fans have expressed concern over BTS’s Weverse live viewers lacking etiquette in their comments. Multiple members, including V and RM, have called out certain comments during their livestreams before. Though the BTS maknae didn’t call out any specific comment or behavior, fans feel that it’s high time Weverse live viewers pay more mind to what they are writing to the members.


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