“Yoongi, Marry Me?” BTS’s Suga Seemingly Responds To The Iconic Meme At The “Devil’s Deal” VIP Premiere

Suga was definitely the main character at the premiere!

Is it surprising that one of the idols that always seems to be receiving marriage proposals is BTS‘s Suga?

From his insane talent, dazzling visuals, and unrivaled charisma, Suga is definitely worthy of proposals… and it seems like it has almost become the norm.

BTS’s Suga | @agustd/Instagram

Over the past few years, “Yoongi, marry me” seems to have become one of the biggest memes in K-Pop.

It’s become so big that even the other members are in on it, with some ARMYs thinking they specifically pick out comments with marriage proposals for Suga.

Even BTS are in on the meme as seen after the GRAMMYs | BTS/VLIVE
It was spotted at a basketball game
Suga was also greeted with the sign at a recent Valentino show

Although many fans like to joke that “Yoongi, marry me” is more for global ARMYs, it seems like that couldn’t be less true.

On February 27 (KST), Suga shocked fans when he appeared at the VIP Premiere of the upcoming film Devil’s Deal. As expected, with a new short haircut and dazzling visuals, Suga became the main event of the event, even though he wasn’t even in the film.

Suga at the Devil’s Deal VIP Premiere

From the minute Suga made his entrance, the crowds couldn’t help but cheer for the idol as he interacted with fans and even gave out some high-fives.

Yet, Suga hadn’t even been out a few seconds before “Yoongi, marry me” made an appearance on a sign held by one of the fans.

Whether Suga noticed the sign or not, the idol continued greeting fans and made his way up to the stage for a short interview.

Despite being a global star, Suga couldn’t hide his shyness when hearing the huge cheers from the crowds.

Yet, it wasn’t going to be the end of Suga’s marriage proposals. Eagle-eyed netizens online noticed another “Yoongi, marry me” sign in the crowd, but this time it was written in Korean.

The icing on the cake had to be during the interview when, out of nowhere, a fan attending the event shouted at the top of their lung, “YOONGI, MARRY ME!” While it isn’t clear if Suga noticed or not, ARMYs hilariously thought that the idol gave a clear “side eye” upon hearing the statement.

Many joked that after hearing it so many times, Suga’s reaction was truly iconic.

It would be hilarious to see Suga directly addressing the numerous proposals he receives from ARMYs worldwide. Yet, while he may not always notice it, the meme is the perfect way for ARMYs to show how much they appreciate him.

You can read more about the iconic “Yoongi, marry me” below.

BTS’s Suga Can’t Even Escape The Iconic “Yoongi, Marry Me” Meme At Valentino’s Paris Fashion Show

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