BTS Suga’s Guitarist Clarifies His Relationship Status After “Proposing”

He “reassured” ARMYs.

BTS Suga‘s guitarist is clearing things up!

Suga’s concert | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Suga is currently on his SUGA | Agust D “D-DAY” TOUR IN US. As expected, “Yoongi, marry me” is alive and well, as some ARMYs have attended the concert in wedding dresses and veils

Yet, it’s not only ARMYs who have proposed to Suga.


Suga’s guitarist, Shinwon, held up a mobile phone with the screen reading, YOONGI MARRY ME during the recent concert at Kia Forum in Los Angeles, California.

Clearly, everyone is in on the joke. Suga himself had the cutest reaction to it!

Yet, some ARMYs teasingly told the guitarist to go to the back of the line! We were here first.

Now, the guitarist is setting things straight.

Shinwon | @outroher/Twitter

Shinwon updated his personal Instagram with a photo of himself on stage. His caption clarified his relationship status. He explained that he was actually already married!

I’m married btw.
Don’t be worried 🤔

— Shinwon

So, ARMYs, no worries. He’s not trying to steal Suga!

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