BTS’s Suga Teases That “Agust D 3” Is Coming

We can’t wait!

This is not a drill: More of BTS Suga‘s music as Agust D may be coming soon!

BTS’s Suga | @agustd/Instagram

Suga, along with the rest of the BTS members, was on the cover of both GQ Korea and Vogue Korea‘s January issues. Each member participated in individual photoshoots and interviews.

| GQ Korea

On January 1, GQ Korea released exclusive footage from the members’ photoshoots and interviews.

| GQ KOREA/YouTube

During his interview, Suga was asked, “What is a new memo that you wrote down on your notebook or smartphone recently?”

Suga said, “A new memo…My recent solo songs. Since I always write lyrics on a notebook, I think most of it is lyrics that I worked on.” 

Since Suga said “recent solo songs,” fans are thinking he’s working on another Agust D mixtape!

Suga put out his first mixtape (Agust D) in 2016, and he released his second mixtape (D-2) in 2020. Both mixtapes offered fans a deeper glimpse into Suga’s inner world while giving him a way to show off more of his rapping, songwriting, and producing skills. Of course, both Agust D and D-2 are masterpieces!

D-2 album art | BTS/SoundCloud

Suga has also collaborated with many other artists throughout his career, and he’s featured on other artists’ songs. Most recently, he was featured on Juice WRLD‘s “Girl of My Dreams.” 

Fighting Demons album | @juicewrld999/Instagram

While there’s a slight chance Suga was referring to his lyrics he wrote for other artists’ songs, he hadn’t been featured on a song  as a soloist since 2020 until “Girl of My Dreams” was released in December 2021. This makes it seem like he definitely was referring to songs he’s working on for his next mixtape.

Since he mentioned “recent solo songs,” it sounds like we’ll have more opportunities to hear the lyrics Suga jots down in his notebook come to life in the near future!

| @BTS_twt/Twitter