BTS Shares Childhood Photos And More For Children’s Day

Happy “Adults’ Day!”

BTS‘s members are wishing everyone a happy Children’s Day today!

BTS | Samsung/Facebook

Every year on May 5, South Korea celebrates Children’s Day, a national public holiday that’s all about children and family time. Some parents celebrate by giving presents to their children or taking them out for trips to zoos, amusement parks, and more.

On WeverseSuga posted a photo of himself in his outfit for PSY‘s “That That” music video. He captioned it, “Today’s Adults’ Day, it’s our world~” He playfully changed “Children’s Day” (eorininal/어린이날) to “Adults’ Day,” (eoreuninal/어른이날)

Suga | Weverse

On InstagramJ-Hope also punned the holiday, captioning this set of photos, “adult-child.”

J-Hope | @uarmyhope/Instagram

In each photo, J-Hope models a luxurious combination of brands, including a Celine hoodie…

| @uarmyhope/Instagram

…his self-designed denim bag, and Nike shoes in BTS’s signature color, purple.

| @uarmyhope/Instagram
| @uarmyhope/Instagram
| @uarmyhope/Instagram

J-Hope also posted two new Instagram stories. One, captioned “199?,” is a childhood photo.

The other is a screenshot from a past BTS photoshoot. It shows J-Hope striking the same pose in 2018. Some things never change!

As for RM, he kicked off Children’s Day with a brand new, stylish dye job and haircut!

| @rkive/Instagram

Happy Children’s Day

— RM

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