Get Your Tissues Ready — Here’s What Suga and J-Hope Said In Their Korean Rap Verses For BTS’s “I’ll Be Missing You” Cover

This is a message for ARMYs worldwide. 🥺

BTS recently performed a cover of  “I’ll Be Missing You” by Puff DaddyFaith Evans, and 112 on BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge, alongside their singles “Dynamite” and “Permission to Dance.”

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RM explained his reasoning for covering the culturally significant song, however, a deeper look into BTS’s added Korean rap lyrics from Suga and J-Hope shows how they adapted the song to the COVID-19 pandemic with messages for ARMYs worldwide.

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Suga wrote about the confusing feeling of adapting to a new normalcy during a pandemic with an uncertain end.

We’re now used to our routines taken away

But still can’t give up living on

We’re more worn out because we don’t know where this ends

We’re an island we made ourselves because we couldn’t trust each other

— Suga

The second half of his verse shifts in tone, sharing the importance of staying positive and preparing for the inevitable day life returns to normal.

Hope an end comes for this tiring pandemic virus

Negative thoughts can sometimes be a minus

I knew it wasn’t the end so I couldn’t say bye

When that day comes, will say ‘Hi’ like nothing happened

— Suga

Similarly, J-Hope reveals how he wishes for life to return to a pre-pandemic state and makes a promise to see fans again.

I hate this world, our traces became memories

I just empty my mind, trust without conditions

I fill it every day with just loneliness

Not like the longing that encircles me

We miss you, baby

Whenever it may be, here’s hoping we meet again

I promise

— J-Hope

Check out their full cover of the song below.