BTS Starts Off 2021 With A SOPE Moment That Will Make You Soft

Suga and J-Hope stans, rejoice!

BTS‘s Suga and J-Hope proved they’re, once again, the most precious duo at the 2021 Golden Disc Awards.

During an interview segment, each member was asked to give the member next to them a positive message. Since Suga was standing at the end, the order circled back around to J-Hope.

The two stepped up to be closer to each other when V pushed them even closer using both of his arms!

The bashful hyung couldn’t look J-Hope in the eyes at such a close distance, while the younger one laughed hysterically.

He told J-Hope that he’s worked hard in 2020…

…and he hopes to keep up the positive enregy in the following year. The two wished eachother good health and positive spirits.

This is Suga’s first public appearance since his hiatus and ARMY couldn’t be happier to see him bonding with his fellow BTS members again!

Watch their full adorable interaction below!