BTS’s Suga Admits He Can’t Rock This Cool Fashion Trend Like J-Hope

They’re opposites!

During the latest episode of “Suchwita,” BTS‘s Suga and actress Lee Na Young briefly discussed their personal styles when it comes to fashion.

Actress Lee Na Young and BTS Suga | @BTS_official/Twitter

Lee Na Young revealed how she only wear sunglasses when she goes abroad…

…because if you wear them in Korea, you may give off a “celebrity” vibe!

However, Suga shared there’s one member of BTS who isn’t afraid to rock the cool accessory, and it’s none other than J-Hope.

He recognized J-Hope’s love of wearing cool and trendy clothes that express his unique signature style.

I am [jealous of his confidence]. He wears fancy clothes.

— Suga

J-Hope’s cool sense of style gives off a signature hip-hop vibe, like his style icons A$AP Rocky and Travis Scott.

| J-Hope Box
| Hallyu Talk
| J-Hope Box

Of course, J-Hope has also been known to wear some shades with style.

However, Suga’s own sense of style is totally different! He revealed he prefers a minimal style that doesn’t stand out and often wears black clothes.

His minimalist style is just as cool!

| Osen
| Home In My Heart 

We love these style icons!

| Ilgan Sports

Take a closer look at each member’s individual style below.

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