BTS Reveals Why You Might Never See Them With Facial Hair

The mystery is solved!

In their recent online broadcast, BTS‘s Suga, J-Hope, and V responded to questions from ARMYs, including an interesting one they have never discussed before.

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Do you shave every day?

— Fan

After reading the question, V immediately realized his stubble was actually visible to fans! This launched the discussion about facial hair and why the members don’t sport it very often.

Suga revealed he actually had laser hair removal done so his facial hair no longer grows.

I used to have a thick mustache when I was a trainee. Do you remember? It became blue so I got a laser treatment.

— Suga

It’s hard to imagine since it’s a much different look for him than fans are used to!

Next, J-Hope reveals his facial hair used to grow a lot but over time it hasn’t grown as much.

However, V has a different take. He actually likes the look of facial hair.

Previously, he’s uploaded photos showing off his look to ARMYs!

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It all comes down to personal preference. Whatever makes BTS happy is their best look!

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