“I Heard About You Through Jimin” — SHINee’s Taemin Already Feels Close To BTS’s Suga On “Suchwita”

This is the beginning of a new friendship!

In a brand new preview for episode 20 of BTS Suga‘s series “Suchwita,” he revealed the next guest to be none other than SHINee‘s Taemin!

The two excitedly began the episode and their new friendship with a toast before delving into the many things they have in common.

They revealed how it’s surprisingly rare to find someone born in 1993 in the industry. As both of them were born the same year, Taemin shares he felt a yearning for a same-age friendship.

Because of Taemin’s friendship with Jimin, he already hears so much about Suga!

I heard about you through Jimin, so I already felt this sense of closeness.

— Taemin

Taemin and Jimin have been known for their friendship throughout the years and have done everything from dance challenge videos to even performing on stage together.

Taemin and Jimin | Jimson Weed

However, one of the biggest difference between Taemin and Suga are their ages within their respective groups.

But you’re one of the older members while I’m the youngest!

— Taemin

Suga reveals that being one of the older members means there’s a lot of leading the younger members almost like a parent.

Meanwhile, Taemin reaps the benefits of being SHINee’s “baby” since he’s “forgiven for everything!”

Suga was also interested in asking Taemin about how it felt when SHINee reunited after their mandatory military service concluded, since BTS is still waiting for that fateful day in 2025.

Taemin hilariously told it like it is!

What’s funny is you see the things you can’t stand again. If you promote again together after a long time, you’d think it would all be beautiful! Being a team is like that.

— Taemin

This may be the beginning of a new and iconic friendship!

The full episode will be released on October 30 at 10 PM KST. Watch the teaser below!