BTS’s Suga Gets Real About Judgment And Scandals K-Pop Idols Face 

He didn’t hold back!

BTS‘s Suga shared his opinion on K-Pop idols facing judgment.


Suga’s documentary SUGA: Road To DDay was released on the streaming service Disney+ on April 21.

During it, Suga shared his candid opinion on the treatment of K-Pop idols. He pointed out how easily they are judged for their actions.

The thing about idols is… that we don’t have to commit a crime or something controversial for people to blow little things out of proportion and judge us. I could never understand the mentality of those people.

— Suga

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Suga gave himself as an example. He smoked a cigarette recently in his Agust D MV “Haegeum.” Yet, he’s 31 years old (Korean age), and an estimated 49.8% of Korean males smoke.

I mean, I’ve never caused trouble, but… Like when an idol smokes a cigarette in a music video … say I get criticized for these things at the age of 31.

— Suga


He expressed a desire for people to free themselves from the toxic judgment mentality. Hopefully, with more information accessible, people can be more open-minded.

I strongly believe it’s a social phenomenon that we need to think about. I wanted to unlock what is forbidden to us. And since a world of information is just a click away from us now, even I stopped bringing my imagination and my thoughts into action. So this is my message: let’s free ourselves from these things.

— Suga


Suga believes that everyone should be able to live carefreely. We shouldn’t have to be so concerned about how others perceive us.

Thanks to all the brilliant technology we have, we can now easily find out what’s happening around the world. But I strongly feel that this is the reason why some things in our lives are actually forbidden to us. It’s okay to care less about what others think. You should able to do what you want.

— Suga


Suga is so wise!

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