ARMY Fires Back At Racist Comments About BTS’s Suga At LA Dodgers’ Game

They called out these male sports fans and their “fragile masculinity”.

BTS fans are clapping back at racist and xenophobic comments made about Suga on Twitter.


Suga recently attended an LA Dodgers vs Atlanta Braves game that went down at Dodger Stadium. After the game, Suga met LA Dodgers’ Ryu Hyun Jin , who achieved his first shut out since 2013.


On May 8, ESPN tweeted about this meeting of legends. The post received thousands of comments, but not all of them were positive.


Many of the replies, which came from male sports’ fans, were ripe with toxic masculinity, racism, and other negativity that demonstrated a grievous lack of respect for Suga.


In response, ARMY enlightened these netizens about Suga’s identity, talent, popularity, net worth, and more. They also called out the netizens’ “fragile masculinity” and proved that BTS (and ARMY) are a force to be reckoned with.


One fan pointed out that ignorance is no excuse for spreading hate. While it’s understandable that many sports fans would not know who BTS is, respect should be shown regardless.


As always, ARMYs’ remain BTS’s loyal and loving supporters, no matter what the haters say.