BTS’s Suga Reveals What Makes Him Cry, And It’s Not What You’d Expect

The members thought they knew, but they didn’t!

BTS recently did an interview with Vanity Fair in which the members competed in their very own game show to find out just how well the members knew each other. Each member was asked a question about themselves to which they wrote down the answer. Whoever first guessed the answer correctly then gained a point, resulting in a winner at the end.

BTS’s Suga | Vanity Fair/YouTube

While the group had many laughs, things seemed to be getting more emotional when Suga was asked, “What is something that makes you cry?” 

| Vanity Fair/YouTube

You’d think that BTS would immediately know the answer to this question (and so did they), but it proved more difficult than they initially thought. RM thought it would be an “easy one,” but Jimin and Jungkook were the first to raise their hands. Jungkook guessed, “When you yawn.”

| Vanity Fair/YouTube

Suga replied, “Wrong,” but he confused the members when he said it was similar. So, Jin wondered if it could be a different verb tense like “yawning.” He tried to guess again, asking, “It wasn’t ‘starting concerts again?'” 

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Again, that was not it, but Suga kept saying they were “close” to the correct answer. So, V tried to guess with, “When you brush your teeth and scrape your tongue?” Suga hinted, “It kind of feels like that.” 

| Vanity Fair/YouTube

Finally, after the members could not guess what makes him cry successfully, he finally revealed the truth… It’s “eating wasabi!”

| Vanity Fair/YouTube

None of us, including the other BTS members, expected it to be a condiment responsible for Suga’s tears! Besides, Suga had previously revealed in another interview that he handles spicy food well.

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Yet, it seems like some spices just hit differently. As an example, wasabi’s spice is very different from gochujang. Suga also explained the feeling of eating wasabi and how it makes him cry.

I can eat wasabi, but it’s the really spicy ones that I can’t handle. You can’t breathe in with your nose, only with your mouth.

— Suga

| Vanity Fair/YouTube

After Suga was revealed, Jimin had an idea that he might make a wasabi cake for Suga’s birthday. Knowing Jimin is usually responsible for decorating the cakes, he might get away with it…

| Vanity Fair/YouTube

If wasabi makes Suga cry again, though, ARMY might have to come for it. We won’t let anyone or anything hurt him!

| Annoying Orange/YouTube

Watch the full interview and find out who won the “game show” below:

Source: Vanity Fair