BTS Revealed Whether They Can Really Handle Spicy Food, But The Members Had Completely Different Answers

You can’t argue with their reasons!

When it comes to food, it seems like BTS are the Kings! Whether it’s having their own McDonald‘s meal, showing off their cooking skills, or revealing their specialty dishes, it seems as if the members are certified foodies!

BTS recently sat down with WIRED and answered questions some of the web’s most searched questions on the group! One of the first questions was whether the members could eat spicy food!

At first, the answer seemed quite obvious, with RM shouting, “Hell yeah!Jin then agreed before talking about nuclear fire noodles, which many people know for being insanely spicy after it was made into a viral challenge last year.

However, Jungkook quickly replied saying, “These days, I can’t eat spicy food…” Yet, it wasn’t just Jungkook who thought this, and Jimin agreed that it was very hard to eat spicy food.

Although it might seem surprising, Suga had the perfect explanation and answer for the question that seemed to prove that all the members were right.

But to non-Korean standards, we can eat spicy food well. We can actually eat spicy food really well.

— Suga

After the video was released, ARMYs went online with evidence that, although BTS can eat spicy food, they can’t eat really spicy food!

Even Jin, who was adamant that he could handle it, has a limit for spicy food!

Yet, as Suga said, the members’ standards of what they consider spicy are probably very different to many people! You can watch the whole video below.

Source: WIRED