BTS Reveal What Kinds Of Foods They Know How To Cook And Prove That They Should Release A Cookbook

“We got Jung (Kook)!”

Recently, in an interview with Amazon MusicBTS revealed their go-to dishes when cooking. Some of the favorites included J-Hope‘s bibimmyeon (cold instant noodles), V‘s jogi (yellow corvina), and Suga‘s choice of japchae noodles.


BTS’s Suga (left) and Jin (right) during 2020 FESTA | BANGTANTV/YouTube

Shortly after, Jin surprised us on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon by saying that he’s not the best chef in BTS (we still don’t believe it). But, he said nonetheless that he had recently made kimchi-bokkeum-bap, also known as kimchi fried rice.

Whoever is selecting the questions for BTS interviews these days must know the group is filled with a bunch of foodies because, in yet another interview, the members revealed even more about their favorite foods! In a new “Autocomplete Interview” with WIRED, BTS sat down to answer the most searched questions pertaining to the group.

Jungkook read the question, “Can BTS cook?” which sparked leader RM to punnily reply, “We got Jung (Kook)!” Maybe he’s spending too much time around Jin these days…

RM and J-Hope then gave their serious response that was a lot like what Jin said in their interview with Jimmy Fallon. The two rappers said, “Kimchi fried rice!” 

It’s no surprise that kimchi fried rice would be such a popular choice for the members to cook, considering it is one of J-Hope’s favorite foods, after all! It’s also not only an affordable dish but relatively easy to make.

RM also added, “Fried chicken breast.” There’s nothing else quite like KFC (Korean fried chicken)!

Jungkook’s pick was Kimchi-jjigae or kimchi stew. One of the most popular stews in South Korea, it’s a hearty dish consisting of kimchi, vegetables, either pork or seafood, and tofu.

Suga had said in their Amazon interview that he barely cooks now due to the convenience of delivery. However, now, Suga replied, “We can cook most Korean dishes by now.” 

Jin, being the shameless self-promo king he is, said that if anyone is curious about all of the dishes they know how to prepare, they can watch Run BTS!. The variety show includes several episodes about the members cooking. The group also revealed they even know how to make kimchi from scratch!

If you watch our variety show, Run BTS!, you will know what dishes we know how to cook.

— Jin

Lastly, Jimin cheekily added to Jin’s statement, saying that in addition to finding out what dishes BTS can cook, “You can also find out why some of the members don’t cook…”

We’re not pointing any fingers, but…


Jokes aside, with their years of experience now and training from Run BTS!, BTS definitely have what it takes for a potential bestselling cookbook! What kind of dish would you want to learn how to make?

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Source: WIRED