BTS Reveal Their Go-To Dishes When Cooking And What Korean Foods International ARMYs Should Try

What Korean foods are your favorite?

Jaeki Cho interviewed BTS for Amazon Music to discuss everything from their latest releases and lyrics to exploring new music genres to even food!

With talking about their single, “Butter,” including the story behind J-Hope eating a piece of actual butter for the music video, food was definitely on the brain!

Jaeki even asked Jin about that meal Bang Si Hyuk (also known as Bang PD or Hitman Bang) made for him, and Jin revealed that Bang PD is actually quite the cook! He believes that “Butter” played some inspiration in the meal preparation, too, as Bang PD cooked for him pre-release.

Jaeki then said that he himself has been cooking a lot lately due to staying in during the pandemic, so he wondered if any of the group’s members enjoyed cooking.

Suga implied that he doesn’t get in the kitchen too much. He explained, “Well, food delivery service is very convenient in Korea.”

Jungkook and RM chimed in, saying that some of the members cook sometimes. RM asked V, “Don’t you make things like pasta and steak?” V shot him down, however!

I’m not a good cook.

— V

J-Hope confidently said, “I make cold instant noodles.” J-Hope clearly loves his bibimmyeon as he’s even eaten it during live broadcasts!

As we all know, Jin is the foodie of the group as he has had a food blog and hosted mukbangs. While he himself is a good cook, he explained how even “bad cooks” could make a decent meal.

Everything is packaged conveniently these days though. Even pasta, technically you just need to cook the noodles and mix in pre-made sauce.

— Jin

Yet, V said that he still somehow manages to overcook the noodles. RM felt empathetic towards him, also experiencing difficulties in the kitchen.

I tried making it at home too, but it costs more to buy the ingredients and also time to clean up the mess.

— RM

Whether or not BTS cook, they do love to eat! So, Jaeki then asked what foods do the members want international ARMYs to try. V was the first to reply, saying that he loves jogi (yellow corvina), a type of fish.

My favorite food, which I love to eat around Korean holidays or even on a regular basis is called jogi.

— V

Suga mentioned a favorite among both Koreans and international foodies, japchae. The sweet and savory glass noodle stirfry is always a crowd pleaser!

I noticed that a lot of our non-Korean fans around the world loves japchae.

— Suga

Jaeki said that he thought japchae was an interesting choice because normally, Koreans would not order japchae when eating out, but Americans do.

BTS emphasized that japchae is delicious and should be tried! RM added, “See, we need to advertise japchae more than bibimbap.”

What Korean foods do you want to try?

Check out the full interview below:

Source: Amazon Music and Image (1) and (2)