Suga Spills If The BTS Members Get Competitive With Each Other

This is how he really feels.

In a new interview with LA Times, BTS‘s Suga sat down to discuss everything from his solo career as Agust D to his relationship with his fellow BTS members.

BTS’s Suga | Marie Claire (Scan: @iridescent9595/Twitter)

As ARMYs know, after living and working together for many years, Suga’s bond with the BTS members goes beyond that of friendship and is more comparable to a family.

When asked about whether they get competitive over each other’s individual successes, he shared the true nature of their relationships with one another.

BTS | @BTS_official/Twitter

Are you competitive with your family members? Do you get jealous if your brother or your sister does well? *Laugh* We’re real brothers, period. If I do well, that’s good. If my family members do well, that’s even better.

— Suga

| Marie Claire (Scan: @iridescent9595/Twitter)

Genuinely happy for one another, even just one member succeeding means they are all succeeding.

The time they spent together chasing one goal allowed them to grow extremely close.

If you live for 13 years in one house under the same roof 24/7, you become a family. A lot of people think that the relationships between K-pop band members are kind of fake, but that’s not true. For me, it’s more like, ‘Oh, Jimin, hi! You made it to the Hot 100, I’m so proud of you!’

— Suga

Instead of competing against each other, they all cheer each other on and wish the best for every member — just like a real family!

Source: LA Times