ARMYs Can’t Stop Fangirling Over This Detail In BTS Suga’s Candid Photo-Folio Moments

Don’t you agree?

Naver recently released some gorgeous behind-the-scenes photos of BTS’s Suga during the photoshoot for his Special 8 Photo-Folio — Me, Myself, and Suga “Wholly Or Whole Me.”

Suga shows off his adventurous side as he “celebrates freedom in the wild nature of Los Angeles,” according to Weverse.

In some photos with a dog, his natural charm shines brighter than ever through his genuine smile.

However, there’s one particular detail that’s driving ARMYs crazy over this photoshoot.

As Suga’s angelic and pure concept contrasts with the rough and natural background, fans can’t help but swoon over the brightest detail of all: His stunning red hair!

Popping against all of the neutral colors, he proves why it’s one of his greatest looks.

He then switches up the concept for some photos with a “boyfriend material” vibe!

Additionally, fans might recall their memories from The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever.

It seems Suga never ages!

Source: Naver