BTS’s Suga Finally Teases The Next BTS Member To Appear On “Suchwita” — And They Didn’t Even Try To Hide His Identity

“Oh, I wonder who the next guest could be…” 😂

One of the hottest shows on the internet has to be BTS Suga‘s drinking series Suchwita. Each week, Suga has different guests on and they have a chat while drinking.

BTS’s Suga on the “Suchwita” set | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Since the show started, Suga has had new huge names on the show, including BIGBANG‘s Taeyang, SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi, and many more.

Yet while all the guests have been amazing, many have been waiting for another BTS member to appear. While RM was on the first episode…

RM appeared on Suga’s first show | BANGTANTV/YouTube 

It has been a while since a BTS member appeared. Since the series started, eagle-eyed ARMYs have been trying to guess who could be next, seeing a signed bottle by Jin, Jungkook showing his love for the show, and even comments from J-Hope.

Possibly Jin’s signature on the bottle | BANGTANTV/YouTube
BTS’s Instagram posting about Jungkook
BTS’s J-Hope during his Weverse live | BTS/Weverse

Well, it seems like one member who has teased an appearance is finally making his Suchwita appearance, and it’s none other than BTS’s Jimin.

BTS’s Jimin | @j.m/Instagram

Jimin is set to release his solo debut album FACE on March 24th.

Jimin held a live broadcast via Weverse as he assembled a water tank for his Marimo, which he called Suga. One ARMY commented, asking if he planned to appear on Suchwita.

ARMY: Jimin-ah, do you have any plans to appear on the second oldest hyung program? I want to see you two drink.

Jimin: Just wait a bit. I’ll take care of everything. *giggles*

On March 20, it seemed like the wait was over as the latest trailer for Suchwita was released.

Although the aim of the teaser is to have fans guessing who will appear, Jimin is recognizable from the minute he made his way into the frame. From his frame, voice, and the fact Suga introduced him as a viewer of the show, it had to be Jimin.


The video then tried to hide the “Identity” of Jimin even more as the idol pretended to be shocked when Suga revealed he knew all about the FACE promotions… but revealing his pride as a hyung and showing how comfortable he was ruined that mystery in the funniest way!


They almost gave up on any mystery as they started talking directly about BTS and how the members influenced each other.

| BANGTANTV/YouTube        

By the end of the teaser, it’s not surprising that ARMYs couldn’t contain their excitement as it seemed like a video full of laughter.


Unsurprisingly, as soon as the teaser was released, ARMYs couldn’t hide their excitement at finally seeing Jimin on Suchwita. They also joked that HYBE didn’t even try to hide his identity…

There isn’t long to wait before the episode airs, and it will undoubtedly be chaotic AF ARMYs living for the interactions.