BTS’s Suga Sets A New Record As “D-2” Debuts High On Billboard 200 And Top Album Sales

Making history left and right as both Suga and Agust D!

BTS‘s Suga and his other persona, Agust D, will have lots to celebrate today as Billboard announced his impressive high stats on their upcoming chart updates!

Billboard revealed that Agust D’s latest mixtape, “D-2”, will debut at #11 on their main chart, Billboard 200. This marks Suga as the Korean soloist with the highest Billboard 200 debut in history.

The record was held by his fellow member, RM, who debuted at 26th with “mono.”, who had taken the title from J-Hope who set a record with “Hope World” debuting at 63rd and peaking at 38th!

Not only that, Suga will be debuting at #2 on Billboard’s Top Album Sales chart. It’s noteworthy to mention that Suga had only teased the album’s drop only days before its release. With such minimal promotions, “D-2” ranking at #2 was described as “a sizable figure for a mixtape produced by a musician largely known not for his solo work” by Forbes.

Considering how this will be just his debut week, it’s hard to tell where “D-2” will peak on Billboard and how many more records Agust D is set to break!

Check out “DAECHWITA” (again) to celebrate!

Source: Yonhap News and Forbes