BTS Suga’s One Demand For “Haegeum” Music Video That Was Non-negotiable

He wouldn’t have it any other way.

BTS member Suga recently did a Weverse live to share some behind stories of the making process of his new album D-Day.

Fans already knew that the rapper was very involved with the album’s production process, but the stories he shared during the livestream were indicative of just how meticulous he was with every single detail. He talked about how he came up with each of the ten tracks on the record and what was his intention behind it.

| @agustd/Instagram

While reacting to the music video of “Haegeum,” the title track of D-Day, Suga shared some interesting tidbits about the filming process. He talked about why he decided to shoot the video in Thailand and how LE SSERAFIM indirectly played a role in it. He also confessed how hard it was to keep up with the country’s hot climate.

How The Making Of BTS Suga’s “Haegeum” MV Unexpectedly Involved LE SSERAFIM

He also addressed a crucial point in the music video that ARMYs were already speculating about since the teaser came out. In the video’s opening scene, Agust D can be seen approaching a building with some of his gang members following behind. Fans noticed that he had exactly six more members in the frame with him. Though unsure, most took it as Suga alluding to his six other BTS members.


Suga, during the livestream, confirmed that it was an intentional move to have seven people in the frame together. It was a non-negotiable note from him to the creatives!

Though it is not new to see BTS members symbolically include their group in their solo projects, many fans found this detail in “Haegeum” a bit more touching. They theorize that in the video, Suga is fighting his inner darkness that manifested itself in the form of Agust D, and to show that he had six other members beside him through the fight is a profoundly sentimental assertion of BTS’s bond.


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