“Mechanic Sonyeondan?” Suga Roasts BTS’s Questionable Fashion Choices Backstage

However, ARMYs had a completely different opinion!

BTS is back with some new OT7 content! In the “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE in THE US” DVD, viewers will go behind the scenes with the members as they prepare for their final concerts in the US.

They practice choreography until they collapse…

…but always leave room for goofing around!

There are plenty of funny moments backstage, like when RM gave Jin this look for his adorable hairbows.

Even Suga couldn’t help but poke fun at some of the members like J-Hope who wear cool goggles with their stage outfits.

Are you welding something?

— Suga

RM and J-Hope “renamed” the group according to their new look.

We are Mechanic Sonyeondan!

— RM

However, it was clear these glasses were a hit on stage!

Follow along as the members share their nervousness and excitement for the stage…

…and all the funny moments in between!

Watch the full video below.