BTS’s Suga Proves His True Professionalism While Rehearsing For His “That That” Live Performance With PSY

Suga never fails to put 110% into everything he does!

After debuting in 2013 in BTS, despite always joking that he was tricked into it by HYBE‘s founder, Suga has always gained attention for his presence on stage. Despite being very shy and introverted, when he performs, he becomes a completely different person and shines in every way.

BTS’s Suga | @agustd/Instagram

Despite being one of the biggest idols in the world, Suga continues to showcase not just professionalism during performances but also just how hard-working he is.

Although Suga is known for his performances with BTS, the idol also showcases the same level of professionalism no matter who he is working with. Back in July, Suga shocked fans worldwide when he made a guest appearance at PSY’s Splash Show – 2022 Summer Swag show.

Suga performing with PSY | psyofficial/YouTube

Although the appearance itself was surprising, netizens couldn’t hide their excitement at finally hearing both PSY and Suga perform their collaboration track “That That” live.

| psyofficial/YouTube
| psyofficial/YouTube

It might have been a few months since the performance, but HYBE has finally treated ARMYs to some behind-the-scenes footage from the performance, including the rehearsals and aftermath.

Even before the rehearsals started, Suga showcased just how much of a professional he is. As he came in during the rehearsals where PSY and his dancers would’ve been practicing, the idol explained that he’d already warmed up. Suga even explained to PSY that he’d had a run-through of the dance beforehand.

As it was Suga’s first time performing, PSY explained how he performed the track, adding that he usually doesn’t sing during the second verse.

Upon hearing this, Suga seemed to want to participate more in the track, explaining that he would just continue dancing and say things impromptu. Even more impressively, he explained that he didn’t want any doubling on his rap, which is similar to having a backing track.

I don’t think you need to do doubling for my rap. It’s not that hard to sing it live.

— Suga

Even when they started rehearsals, Suga wanted to ensure he was fully comfortable with the staging and what it was going to be like on the day.

Rather than just walking through, not only did Suga make sure to get involved in the complicated choreography, but he rapped live even if it was just rehearsals. He also spoke with PSY throughout to make improvements and changes.

After rehearsing for a while, PSY and Suga sat down for a chat but even then, Suga was the one to recommend having another run-through of the performance. This time, Suga treated it like a real performance and seemed at home in the space, despite not having much rehearsal time.

With so much hard work, it isn’t surprising just how well Suga did with PSY. Their performance captured the hearts of netizens worldwide, and it wasn’t surprising that it really gave Suga the thrill to start performing in front of large crowds again.

Even after almost ten years in K-Pop, Suga shows that BTS always puts 110% into everything they do. Although it seems like Suga is a natural performer, the idol always works hard and makes sure to look at even the smallest of details.

You can read more about the performance below.

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