BTS’s Suga Proves He’s Always Thinking About His Fellow Members, Even When He’s Doing Solo Schedules With PSY

Suga is always going to share his love for OT7 activities!

After being together for over ten years, it isn’t surprising that the members of BTS are closer than even some siblings are. From training, debuting, and working their way to the top together, their bond is unbreakable, and it has always been admired by ARMYs worldwide.

The members of BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Yet, it might be easy to say that, after so long, the members want some time alone… but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Recently, BTS’s Suga proved that BTS is always thinking about the members, even when they’re doing their own solo schedules.

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Earlier in the year, Suga shocked fans when he joined fellow K-Pop idol PSY for a live performance of their collaboration track “That That.”

Suga’s performance with PSY | psyofficial/YouTube
| psyofficial/YouTube 

They recently released some behind-the-scenes footage of the rehearsals, his performance, and the aftermath of the stage. It seems like BTS is always on Suga’s mind!

Even before the performance started, Suga couldn’t help but think of his members as he made his way to the stage. Although Suga has released music alone, the idol hasn’t performed alone often, and it felt very odd.

It really feels strange [going to the stage alone]. I feel much more comfortable when there’s seven of us together.

— Suga

Of course, the first thing Suga felt was a surge of adrenaline, and it isn’t surprising that he missed the thrill of performing in front of fans.

After that, his first thoughts turned to BTS and just how different it felt performing with PSY compared to the rest of the group.

It felt really different from performing with all 7 members. And this concert felt different from our concerts. The feeling I have right now is I just want to perform with our members on stage as soon as possible.

— Suga

He even explained that just being on the stage felt different, adding, “Mentally, it feels different when I’m alone than when I’m with other members.”

Yet, even though the performance was absolutely amazing, it seems like Suga couldn’t forget about the members, and they were actually one of the first things he thought of after leaving the stage for the final time, along with ARMYs.

Now I want to do our concerts after hearing all the screams. Some ARMY might be upset because I came here as a surprise but there will be videos so enjoy those. You’ll also see my short but intense performance.

— Suga

When the video was released, ARMYs couldn’t hide how soft they felt after hearing that Suga always thinks about the members, even when he’s doing his own solo promotions. It truly showcases just how much he loves his members.

Although the members are focusing on solo schedules, it isn’t surprising that the group seems to be doing more content together than ever before. It seems like no matter what, the members of BTS are always thinking about each other.

You can read more about Suga’s preparation for the performance below.

BTS’s Suga Proves His True Professionalism While Rehearsing For His “That That” Live Performance With PSY

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