BTS Suga’s Original “Party Song” For PSY Was Denied, But Here’s Where ARMY Might Get To Hear It

This is what happened to the original version of “That That.”

BTS‘s Suga revealed that PSY’s “That That” went through many changes from it’s original version. Just like all songs he writes, it starts as a song for BTS but soon changes when it reminds him of an artist it would suit best.

When I write songs, I usually write songs for myself and our team, but when I work on them, there are times when I think of certain artists that are suited for the song.

— Suga

Unexpectedly, Suga revealed that his first version of the song was denied.

When I work for other artists, or get requests, I would write a song specifically for that team but I told them there was a song that would be great and they said they didn’t like it at first.

— Suga

After some changes, he created what we know today as PSY’s “That That.”

He revealed the process went smoothly, so he wasn’t stressed while working on it.

It was pretty easy to work on. There weren’t that many edits in the process. I made the beat then worked with EL CAPITXN and then I wrote my verse. I wrote the hook part, ‘That that I like that.’ And then the rest was written by PSY.

— Suga

Curious about the original song, fans asked him to play it. However, he chose to keep it a secret and use it at some point in the future.

Personally I really liked the beat but PSY wanted to try something different.

— Suga

Describing it as a “party song,” it might become part of his own music or used for another artist. ARMY will just have to keep waiting to hear it one day!