Here Are 12 New Behind-The-Scenes Moments Of Suga In PSY’s “That That” MV That Everyone Should See

ARMY have been waiting to see #5!

BTS‘s Suga revealed all the work that went into filming PSY‘s “That That” music video in some brand new behind-the-scenes photos. Check them out below!

1. PSY and Suga practicing for the music video

They both killed it!

2. Suga’s good looks in casual clothes

He’s effortlessly gorgeous!

3. Time to shoot the music video

His profile = 😍

4. Between scenes during filming, Suga stays warm

Like a true professional, he can film under any circumstances.

5. Finally, a selfie from the music video shoot

We need this as a photocard ASAP.

6. PSY and Suga get into character

The time has come to film.

7. The duo we never knew we needed

How did we survive without them?!

8. A serious moment…

When it’s time to get serious, nobody gets more focused than Suga.

9. …and a smiley moment!

His gummy smile has healing properties.

10. His face card never declines

This photo will be legendary!

11. He just knows what he’s doing to ARMY!

The man you are today, Suga.

12. Suga knowing he just wrote the catchiest song of the year so far

Fans couldn’t be more proud!

Source: Weverse