BTS’s Suga Reassures ARMYs With First Weverse Update Since Testing Positive For COVID-19

We hope the recovery is quick and easy 🙏

On December 23, BTS‘s Suga made headlines as he returned to Korea where he underwent PCR testing before going into the mandatory 10-day quarantine. On December 24, HYBE‘s BIGHIT Music released an official statement where they announced that Suga had tested positive for COVID-19.

Suga is vaccinated and at the time showed no symptoms of the virus, but HYBE is taking extra precautions as they make sure he’s receiving treatment while in quarantine.

Of course ARMYs were worried and wanted to make sure the “Daechwita” rapper was doing alright. Fellow HYBE artist Lee Hyun gave ARMYs peace of mind when he shared on his recent live broadcast that he had messaged Suga to check in on his condition.

I sent a message to Suga, asking if he’s okay and thankfully he said it’s just like a cold, and said that he feels okay.” First of all, what a great sunbae. And two, we’re sure ARMYs were grateful for the update!

Suga then posted to Weverse to assure ARMYs.

I’m very much okay 🙂 don’t worry too much!

Fans were relieved to hear from Suga and took to Twitter to share their gratitude.

We’re hoping to hear about Suga’s recovery soon. You can read the full statement below.

BTS’s Suga Tests Positive For COVID-19